Celebration Cakes

Our Son's 21st Birthday Cake
The usual Christmas cake topped with marzipan and fondant icing.

Our Daughter's 24th Birthday Cake
A sponge dotted with "sugar confetti" and covered with an ombre buttercream.

Christmas 2015
Delia's Classic Christmas Cake, laced with Sherry.
Topped with marzipan, fondant icing and die-cut rice paper shapes.

Our Son's 20th Birthday Cake - June 2015
Boiled fruit cake laced with Sherry.
Mini Maurice

My 50th Birthday - June 2015
Boiled fruit cake made by my Mum.
For our Daughter's 23rd birthday - May 2015
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache.   Recipe from "Bake and Decorate" by Fiona Cairns.(no photo)

Simnel Cake decorated with Marzipan and Mini Eggs - April 2015
 Easter Rocky Road - April 2015
Christmas Cake - December 2014
 Delia Smith's Classic Christmas Cake, with Sherry and Rice Krispie cone covered with fondant icing leaves.
My Son's 19th Birthday Cake - June 2014
Coconut Sponge with Lime Buttercream covered in Fondant Icing
 My Daughter's 22nd Birthday Cake - May 2014
Chocolate cake recipe from "Apples for Jam"
 Simnel Cake - April 2014

Easter Cottontail Cake - April 2014

Two Battenburg Cakes - February 2014
Valentine cakes for my children at university.
Christmas Cake 2013
Cakes from Bottom Up:- Delia's Classic Christmas Cake, Nigella's Chocolate Fruitcake, Pj's Lemon and Ginger Fruitcake and a Battenburg and Brandy Cake Pop
 Gingerbread House - Christmas 2013
Ikea Flat Pack! :)
Gingerbread Muffins - Christmas 2013
Cupcakes for Our Silver Wedding Anniversary - October 2013

My Husband's 50th Birthday Cake
 Madeira Cake with Coloured Cake Pops inside.
My Birthday Cake baked for Me by my Mum - June 2013
Fruitcake is my favourite too.
For My Son's 18th Birthday - June 2013
Three fruitcakes - his favourite.
For My Daughter's 21st Birthday - May 2013
Chocolate and Vanilla Cakes
For Easter 2013
Simnel Cake
Carrot Cakes
For Valentine's Day 2013
Little Devil Cake Pops
 Gingerbread Boxes of Love Heart Sweets
Christmas 2012
For Halloween 2012 - Pumpkin and Chocolate Cake
 Topped with Fudgy Chocolate Cake-Pops
and Skeleton Gingerbread Cookies

Beetroot and Chocolate Cake for our 24th Wedding Anniversary - October 2012
To celebrate the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in London I baked a Battenburg Cake

and Cupcakes in Team GB colours.
Chocolate and Mint Birthday Cake for my Mum - August 2012
A Chocolate Sponge filled with Nutella and Mint Butter-cream
Gingerbread Birthday Cake for my Husband who loves Gingerbread
My Son's 17th Birthday Cake - June 2012
Inside the Cake - Red, White and Blue 
Inspired by The Queen's Diamond Jubilee
 My Daughter's 20th Birthday Cake - May 2012
 Four layers of Pink and Cream Sponge
Easter 2012 - Simnel Cake with Fondant Bunnies

Pink Macaroons
Chocolate Cupcakes with Krispy Nests and Fondant Bunnies
For My Valentine - 14th February 2012
Inside - Brooklyn Blackout Cake from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, layered with chocolate buttercream and blackcherries, covered in a chocolate and soured cream ganache and a coating of dark chocolate.
 Pleated Shimmer Christmas Cake - December 2011
My Son's 16th Birthday Cake - June 2011
A Rainbow Sponge Cake :)
Union Jack Cupcakes for my Son's 16th Birthday - June 2011
My Daughter's 19th Birthday Cake - May 2011
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook
Simnel Cake - April 2011
Easter Cupcakes - April 2011
Sweets for My Sweet - Peppermint Fondants - 14th February 2011
Valentine Rocky Road - 14th February 2011
Our Christmas Cake
December 2010
Delia's classic Christmas cake, covered with marzipan and icing.
 Yule Log
December 2010
Chocolate sponge roll, filled with peppermint buttercream & covered with dark chocolate and creme fraiche.
White Christmas Slice
December 2010
A new version of Rocky Road, adapted from a Sainsbury's recipe card.
Chilli Chocolate Cupcakes
October 2010
Happy Halloween
Pumpkin Cake with Orange Icing - October 2010
 Rocky Road for Gillian's 50th Birthday
September 2010
My Mum's 70th Birthday Cake
Orange Madeira Cake covered with Dark Chocolate & Icing Butterflies
My Husband's Birthday 2010

Heimlich "Look I'm a beautiful butterfly!" 

My Son's 15th Birthday 2010
Jack Skellington - Boiled Fruitcake
My Daughter's 18th Birthday 2010
Almond-flavoured Madeira cake

Simnel Cake - April 2010
Traditional Easter Cake

Mother's Day 2010
For My Mum
Valentine's Day 2010
Brooklyn Blackout Cake
Festive Cupcakes 2009  
Christmas 2009
Delia Smith's Classic Christmas Cake
Chocolate and Vanilla Marbled Cupcakes - October 2009
Decorated with homemade Halloween chocolates
My Husband's Birthday 2009
Chocolate Cake with Honeycomb butter icing swirled with butterscotch sauce and topped with honeycomb and giant chocolate buttons.
My Son's 14th Birthday 2009
Individual cakes, butter iced and rolled in dessicated coconut, with an icing disc on top.
My Birthday 2009
Cake baked by my Mum and decorated by Me.
My Daughter's 17th Birthday 2009 
17 Individual Mini Cakes
Christmas 2008
Delia Smith's Classic Christmas Cake
Chocolate Fruitcake Christmas 2008
Modified Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Fruitcake
My Husband's Birthday 2008
My Son's 13th Birthday 2008
Boiled Fruitcake
My Daughter's 16th Birthday 2008
Picture copied from "Fruits Basket" Manga Books
Christmas 2007
Delia Smith's Classic Christmas Cake
My Son's 12th Birthday 2007
Christmas 2006
Delia Smith's Classic Christmas Cake
Christmas 2005
Pastillage church with boiled sweets "stained glass" windows
My Son's 10th Birthday 2005
My son and his cat Maurice camping
My Daughter's 13th Birthday 2005
Fondant icing cosmetic bag with real cosmetics